Since its creation in 1975, B & H Bag Company has always had a steadfast commitment to uphold its time-honored tradition of providing the best quality and the best service of any packaging manufacturing company currently in the market.

Based in the Great City of Houston, we have links to almost every location in the United States. We have a reputation for communicating with and transporting our products to customers with efficiency and reliability.

The B&H Bag Company

The B & H Bag Company was founded in 1975 by Buddy and Happy Robson. Located in Houston, Texas, the company has grown from the original building to its large warehouse, plant and offices off Interstate Loop 610 in the southeast section of Houston.Our Headquarters

The Robsons originally owned and operated a small supermarket chain and wholesale grocery distribution center. This experience provided a keen insight into the needs and requirements of the end users of the paper products now produced by the company.

The goal at B & H Bag Co. is to provide all customers with quality bags and sacks, on a timely basis, according to the customer's specifications and needs.

The Plant

The Manufacturing PlantThe B & H Bag Co. was one of the first fully automated grocery bag and sack plants in the United States. The company is constantly improving its machines and production line to assure its customers the highest quality paper goods and the most competitive prices.

The plant is capable of producing 170 tons of bags and sacks per day. These bags are produced in almost any size, shape or color required and are complete with the customer's printed promotional message.

The PaperThe finest B&H paper rolls

The B & H Bag Co. uses the higest quality of paper available. Before reaching the plant, the paper has generally been tested for such characteristics as resistance to tearing, water resistence and smoothness. A large supply of all sizes and grades of paper is on hand in order to meet the customer's most unique bag and sack requirements.


At B & H Bag Co. all bags, 4 lbs. and up, are end sealed for neat stacking in the customer's storage rooms. Except for heavy duty sacks, all of the products are inner packed in units of 500. Heavy duty sacks are packed in units of 400.

All multi-thousand pack bales are heat sealed in clear plastic. This assures sturdy packaging and high visibility to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the customer's warehouse personnel.

Flush packed, completely over-wrapped and end sealed bundles enable stable palletization schemes. These packs allow efficient utilization of the high eve heights of today's distribution centers.

By offering fast, efficient service and excellent quality bags and sacks, the B & H Bag Company has earned many satisfied customers since 1975. The company is determined that the tradition of excellence that they have built up in the past will continue to grow and develop in the years to come.

Companies looking for top value look to B & H Bag Company. We supply the bag or sack that is tailor-made for their store or business, and we know we can do the same for you. Call us today and join our other satisfied customers.